About Zenith Global

Zenith Global is a strategic consulting firm established in Malaysia dedicated to helping clients globally. Since 2016, Zenith Global has been serving international clients in the various industries such as finance, semi-conductors, construction and energy to develop a deep understanding of Asian markets.

To expand our expertise and coverage beyond Southeast Asia, Zenith Global is devoting resources into the North Asia to ensure that we are able to provide quality and immediate services for our clients’ needs.

Through our range of business strategy consulting, analysis, advisory and management services, Zenith Global is committed to helping clients develop a clear strategy towards achieving business goals.

Your results measure our success

Our team at Zenith Global is always passionate about understanding emerging issues across the different industries. Our approach to every challenge is to reduce risks for our clients by equipping them with valuable insights and action plan. Whether you are looking to minimize risk or taking a leap into a new market, Zenith Global is your expert on the ground.